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Career Forum Articles
Looking for additional information to help you with your career? Check out the Career Forum articles that Sheryl Sookman has written for Meetings Today magazine. Click on the 'Magazine' tab and then search under the archive section of one of the respective magazines to locate the following articles.

Adjusting to New Meeting Standards-PhRMA & AdvaMed Codes (Meetings South & Meetings East-Mar'09)
Answering the Call-Dealing With Telephone Interviews (Meetings West-Aug'09)
Creating a Niche Market-Independent Meeting Planners (Meetings West-Apr'08, Meetings South-Mar'08)
Did Your Resume Pass the Screen Test (Meetings South-Jul/Aug'08, Meetings West & Meetings East-Sept'08)
Downsizing Your Own Career
(Meetings West-Feb'07, Meetings East-Feb/Mar'07) 
Massaging the Truth on Your Resume (Meetings West & Meetings South-Nov'09, Meetings Mid-America-Nov/Dec'09)
Skills to Succeed
(Meetings West & Meetings South-Apr'07, Meetings Mid-America-May/Jun'07)
Staying One Step Ahead of the Pink Slip (Meetings East-Dec'08/Jan'09)
Surviving in Today's Job Market-Make Yourself Indispensable at Work (Meetings Mid-America-Jun'09)
Resumes: It's All in the Details PART 1 (Meetings West & Meetings South-Jul'07)
Resumes: It's All in the Details PART 2 (Meetings West & Meetings South-Aug'07)

Additional career-related articles written by Sheryl Sookman:
First Impressions - What Your Resume is Really Saying About You
Four Generations at Work - Understand Their Generational Differences
Can They Ask Me That? A Guide to Legal and Illegal Interview Questions
Leaving the Independent Life Behind - Taking Your Skills to a New Level
Overcoming 'Overqualified'
The Cost of Relocating for a Job - With Employer Assistance or On Your Own
The Resume is Your Marketing Piece
What You Don't Say Counts - Your Body Language During Interviews
Word Play - Knowing What Managers Look for in Resumes is the Key to Success

Career Books
Who's In Charge Of Your Career? Creating A Strategy For Success
by Sheryl Sookman, CMP, available on

Additional Career Resources
Another website I highly recommend checking out is Quintessential Careers. They offer a number of tools under their Career Resources section such as an alphabetical listing of action verbs that you'll find very useful when you're updating your resume.




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