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Career Coaching

Career Coaching Process

The MeetingConnection® offers 50-minute coaching sessions. There are two options available – individual sessions if you have a specific issue you’d like to address, or a series of coaching sessions that allows you to work in-depth on your career strategy. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, we prefer to meet with you in person. For individuals living in other parts of the country, sessions are handled via Skype and/or by phone.

Individual sessions are designed for you to work on a specific issue such as improving your interviewing skills for an upcoming job opportunity or identifying how to enhance and expand your job search plan.

The coaching package involves a series of four 50‑minute sessions. We create a plan based on the core areas you want to work on. We’ve worked with clients about exploring the challenges and obstacles they’ve faced with their career, identifying strengths and assets, core competencies and knowledge base. We’ve also worked with clients on evaluating additional skills, training, or certifications could expand their career – and avenues to acquire those career enhancements.

Another area we work our clients on is to examine is whether their personal preferences align with their professional desires and goals. This is important if you want to reach a meaningful and purposeful career and a balanced work‑life relationship. We work with you to pinpoint the type of work settings where you can be the most productive and the management style that elicits your best work.

With this information in hand, we will help you identify job opportunities that match more consistently with your career goals and produce a personal marketing plan that you will help turn your goals into reality. The final step in this process is to produce an updated resume that clearly communicates the direction you want to go with your career that resonates with future employers.

Coaching Package

Four 50-minute career-coaching sessions; includes updating your resume:             $895.00

Individual Sessions

Single career coaching sessions:                                                                        $175.00

Redesign Your Resume
Check the Resume Design Service section of the web site for details on this service:   $295.00

For more information about our career coaching services, contact us at 415-497-0228 or via email at
Resume/Career Coaching Services
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